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Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest

Announcing the Winner and Finalists of the 6th Annual Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest:

Contest Winner: Jamie Mayer, "Crowbar Smile"

Contest Finalists:
"Heistwise" by Clete Smith (second place)
"Trouser Trout" by Adam Grabinski (third place)

(remaining finalists in alphabetical order)
"The Man I Knew" by Audrey Arkins
"One" by Joshua Feinberg
"Riverdel" by Christopher Michaels
"Siouxblanca" by Shawn Watson

Visit the 6th Annual Contest Winners Page for more information on our winner, finalists, and semi-finalists, and for information on how to enter the 2008 contest term.

Writers to Watch

David R. Flores
Winner of the 4th Annual Hollywood Nexus Screenwriting Contest.

I'm a film graduate of the University of Miami. I've worked in various forms of production from preproduction (as a freelance illustrator and storyboard artist) to post production. I moved out to Los Angeles several years ago to pursue screenwriting...


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