6th Annual Screenwriting Contest Winner: Jamie Mayer, "Crowbar Smile"


"Heistwise" by Clete Smith (second place)
"Trouser Trout" by Adam Grabinski (third place)

(remaining finalists in alphabetical order)
"The Man I Knew" by Audrey Arkins
"One" by Joshua Feinberg
"Riverdel" by Christopher Michaels
"Siouxblanca" by Shawn Watson

Semi-Finalists: (in alphabetical order by script title)

"1040-Easy" by Jeff Lewis
"Ally's Adjustment" by Audrey Arkins and Ian Sears
"Alone" by Tracey Thomas
"Bellisima" by Vern Pringle
"Dakota Bound" by Andrea Hardie
"Driving a Stick" by Tony Bloodworth
"Dysfunction Junction" by James Mercurio
"Feral" by Wil Denson
"Fill in the Blanks" by Barry Leach
"Four Twenty Nine (429)" by Elizabeth Pfeiffer
"Gluttons" by William Sikorski Jr. and William Sikorski III
"Gorgeous George" by Steve LaMontagne
"Howard's Cross" by Kelly Parks
"Impression" by Steven Arvanites
"King of Tragedy" by Jesper Tillberg
"My Glass House" by Samuel McKaig
"Paper Cut" by JR Dimuzio
"Reality Check" by Peter Clines
"Shadowland" by Diana Kemp-Jones
"Shrovetide" by Peter Besson
"Slot King" by Diane Yslas
"Stars" by Aldrin de Leon
"The Rife Machine" by Gila Zalon
"Waking Up Dead" by Traci Carroll
"When the Dog Comes Home" by Jeff Lewis

Quarter Finalists: (in alphabetical order by script title)

"Beyond the Front Door" by Meghan Maugeri
"Blood" by Ian Taylor and Rosi Taylor
"Boat People" by David Kane
"Clerical Error" by Irene Majcher
"Dreaming November" by William Hilliard
"Final Draft" by Joel Doty
"Forgiveness for Fregoli" by Barry Leach
"Ice" by Lew Osteen
"Inner Demons" by Shaene Siders
"Irresponsible" by Dennis Escobedo
"Last Resort" by George Covic
"Long Shadow Woman" by Craig Clyde
"Love, Zoe" by John Aldriedge
"Manifestation of Evan Thornton" by Russell Miller
"Rational Panic" by Robert Rhyne
"Seeker" by Melvin Johnson
"Sleepwalkers" by Stephen Smith
"Teen Messiah" by Hamilton Mitchell
"The 10 Year Renewable Marriage" by Dawn Bierschwal and Jeanne Bowerman
"The Sleep of Reason" by Lee Matthias
"Torero" by Joshua Rutherford
"Virtual Dreams" by Barry Leach
"Voices" by Susan Klos
"Worth Dying For" by Trin Denise


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